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Common questions

CreditCorp anticipates the invoices that your company has to receive, with competitive rates and without the bureaucratic documental requirements that banks use to offer credit to companies. On this page you can find the answers you are looking for to anticipate your receivables and put money in cash now.

  • What is CreditCorp?
    CreditCorp is a company that anticipates receivables, with competitive market rates, in a safe, practical and fast way for companies that need to balance their cash flow - which, so they can focus only on what's most important: delivering their product or service on time.
  • What does CreditCorp do?
    CreditCorp, in partnership with selected drawees, discounts bonds from suppliers of such drawees. To do so, the supplier who wants to anticipate the receipt only needs to register on the CreditCorp platform – and thus carry out operations whenever there is availability of receivables against its partner customers of CrediCorp, with advantages such as availability of credit, competitive rates and availability in account. current in the shortest possible time.
  • What is the origin of CreditCorp?
    CreditCorp emerged from the identification of a great demand for credit by companies from different segments, invariably submitted to numerous requirements for granting credit in large banks - the which currently hold more than 80% of this market and whose focus is larger and more structured operations. These companies, therefore, end up having to deal with often exorbitant fees and/or factoring companies, for example.
  • Who are the investors?
    These are institutional investors, such as investment funds and family-offices that manage the liquid resources of investors. These investors allocate part of their portfolios to FIDCs to diversify risks.
  • Does CreditCorp act as an intermediary for any bank?
    No. CreditCorp is not a correspondent bank that raises funds for other institutions. It is an end-to-end solution that operates with funds from the CreditCorp Credit Rights Investment Fund.
  • What is CreditCorp's target audience?
    Companies of any size, especially small and medium-sized companies, with difficult access to funding sources – and which are suppliers of a select group of large companies.
  • Why CreditCorp? What is your differentiator?
    CreditCorp owns: • Robust, differentiated, accessible, intuitive and practical technological structure; - automated, objective process that practically eliminates human interaction; • A single product: credit. This means no insurance sales, capitalizations or consortia; • Speed in granting credits in an objective process and without unnecessary bureaucracy; • Competitive and advantageous rates. Several companies act in a similar way, but they are intermediaries for large financial institutions and, therefore, use the same standards for granting credit and high rates. Others make a basket of credits and make them available at auctions for investors – a model that has, as a major disadvantage, an even longer process for its implementation.
  • What are the steps (step by step) necessary to hire CreditCorp services?
    1) EASY REGISTRATION You fill out an application and send the requested digital documents only once. In the next trade discount operations, it will not be necessary to fill in the registration again. 2) CREDENTIALS Within 48 hours you will receive an SMS, email or WhatsApp that will inform you about the approval of the registration and your credentials (login/password) for exclusive access to the CreditCorp platform . 3) QUERY/TITLE SELECTION Then, just consult the titles you have – as well as those you want to anticipate, and confirm the operation. 4) HIRING WITHOUT BUREAUCRACY After confirmation, you will receive, via email, the receivables assignment agreement and the electronic bordero of the specific transaction. At this point, you must access your account in the CreditCorp system and sign the contracts digitally, using your standard digital certificate. 5) FAST CREDIT In a few hours, the credit for the selected securities will be transferred directly to your current account, regardless of the bank where your company is an account holder.
  • What are the necessary requirements to hire CreditCorp services?
    You must be a supplier for our selected draws.
  • How long does it take for the client to know whether or not he has been approved according to the CreditCorp criteria?
    Response will arrive within 48 hours.
  • How does CreditCorp inform its clients of approval or not?
    Through electronic channels: SMS, email and WhatsApp.
  • How are credit limits established?
    The limit is the number of securities that the supplier has with the drawee.
  • If approved, how long will the credit be available?
    Credit will be issued within 24 hours of approval.
  • Is it possible to hire CreditCorp services in person?
    No. Only through available platforms.

4 steps to get yours!

The digital certificate is essential for you to digitally sign documents with CreditCorp. Learn now how to get yours!

Infográfico computador, certificado e segurança

The Digital Certificate allows you to digitally sign and transmit data from legal entity operations, guaranteeing the security and integrity of your information in Public Bodies. 

Ícone site de compra

1. Purchase website

Define the purchase site and the Digital Certificate that best suits you. We suggest two options for you below.

Ícone ilustrativo - Certificado

2. Registration

To purchase the digital certificate, you will need to fill in the following data on the website:
The.Company name, as in CNPJ
B.CNPJ number
ç.Full name and date of birth of the person responsible for the Digital Certificate
d.Email for registration confirmation

Failure to fill in the optional fields (according to the website) may make it impossible to use them in applications that require them.

Ícone documentos exigidos

3. Required Documents

Both at Serasa and at Certisign, you must present certified copies of the Articles of Incorporation and Contract Amendments, in addition to the CNPJ card (printed the day before, in the case of Serasa, and on the same day of the face-to-face validation, in the case of Certisign.

Ícone ilustrativo - Agendamento para validação

4. Scheduling for validation

The appointment must be made on a specific date and place, that is, at a post/unit available from the Certifying Company or at your Company's Headquarters. For the option at your Headquarters, a visit fee will be charged according to the distance. Biometric data (digital and facial) will be collected, and the presence of the Legal Representative is mandatory. If it appears in the Articles of Incorporation and signed together with other administrators, everyone must attend the face-to-face validation.

Get in touch with CreditCorp

Currently, companies of any size, suppliers of large companies, relied only on traditional finance companies with complicated processes, which charge excessive fees and interest.

CreditCorp was created to innovate the costly and bureaucratic granting of credit offered by large corporations, and to make available to the market the solution for the anticipation of receivables at competitive rates, in a safe, fast and fully digital process. Now, companies of any size can now dedicate themselves exclusively to the evolution of their business.

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CreditCorp Serviços Corporativos SA is a corporation registered under CNPJ/MF 28.132.420/0001-40.

Talk to CreditCorp, call (11) 3034-3417 orsend an email to

Rua Fidêncio Ramos, 100, 14th floor - Vila Olímpia - São Paulo - SP. ZIP CODE:04551-010

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